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Master Curator Gary Perreira
Extraordinary Kema Kama Signature Experiences

I am dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments at no cost to you, that will linger in your heart and mind forever. With a passion for curating exclusive luxury experiences, my meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence will ensure that every experience will become a cherished chapter in your life. 

From breathtaking journeys to intimate encounters with art, Hawaiian culture, and the finest indulgences, my mission is to weave your dreams into reality. Below are just some of the incredible experiences I can arrange. I take each client's needs and dreams to heart and personalize each excursion to best fit your needs. I look forward to the opportunity of curating this for you and your loved ones. 

​"Gary is a true expert on island, business, excursions, weather. He even showed me an excellent website to accurately track the weather in Hawaii. I monopolized him for an hour as he helped me setup four different trips/events very efficiently.  This guy is connected!"
-Guest from Anchorage, Alaska
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