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Luxury Resort Rentals - Local Hawaii Impact

Recent news surrounding Hawaii vacation rentals 

has raised concerns, and we would like to clarify 

some misconceptions.


Hawaii Resorts vacation rentals, such as ours, are vastly 

different from those in residential neighborhoods.  Kema Kama Luxury Rentals are located within a dedicated resort area 

that was developed years ago to serve visitors, while protecting island neighborhoods.  


Our rentals do not prevent local residents from finding housing.


 We proudly contribute to our local economy by providing jobs, and by supporting many small locally owned businesses to grow and thrive in this industry.  We are dedicated to being a positive force for our island and for the entire State of Hawaii.


Additionally, as a licensed local brokerage company, all Kema Kama luxury rentals are licensed, and our rental owners pay substantial Hawaii State taxes, further benefiting the community.  

.  As local residents, being responsible and respectful neighbors is our way of life.  We remain committed to our having a positive impact always, and to providing exceptional experiences for you, our guests.


When you stay with Kema Kama, together, we are giving back to this beautiful island and State.

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